Chronological Ordering of Posts

This site collects sixteen posts originally written for the blog Inhabiting the Anthropocene, as part of the Social Media in the Anthropocene project.

Posts were written two per week over a period of eight weeks during February - April, 2015. They appeared in two rounds. The first round consisted of "reading posts," in which the author used a reading from his or her home discipline to help frame the question of habitation in the Anthropocene (in the graph, the labels for these nodes end in "1"). In the second round the authors offered their own reflections on the topic, informed by what they had said in their reading posts, and also in response to other posts in the series (the labels for these nodes end in "2").

Other views (click "Select a View" below the graph to the right) reveal the conceptual relationships within the collection of posts--related to the approaches taken by the authors, or the themes the authors explore--in a synchronic way. But they do not provide an evident sequence from one post to the next--and indeed the temporal order of posts was entirely arbitrary. Nonetheless, this graph offers a diachronic path through the collection, representing the posts' temporal sequence alone.

(Authors and titles appear in order below--the colors of the authors names reflect their home disciplines--see the Explanation of Approaches page. Click on a node in the graph to read the post in this space.)

reading post on "Of Property" (Zev Trachtenberg (Philosophy))
reading post on "Organisms as Ecosystem Engineers" (Kiza Gates (Ecology))
reading post on "Diachronous Beginnings of the Anthropocene: The Lower Bounding Surface of Anthropogenic Deposits" (Asa Randall (Archeology))
reading post on "Building 'Equitable' Urban Resilience: The Challenge for Cities" (Meghan Weiters (City Planning))
reading post on "Principles of Tsawalk: An Indigenous Approach to Global Crisis" (Noah Theriault (Anthropology))
reading post on "Loess: The Yellow Earth" (Lynn Soreghan (Geology))
reading post on "'Concluding Remarks' on Animal Ecology and Demography" (Ingo Schlupp (Biology))
reading post on "A Safe Operating Space for Humanity" (Antonio Castro (Conservation Biology))
Toward an Ethics of Niche Construction
Implications of Manufacturing Habitability
Advancing Equity and Going Beyond Basic Survival
Memes as a Dimension of the Human Niche
Habitability's Non-Inevitability
Habitability as a Commons: Fearing a Tragedy of Human(ized) Nature
Toward a More Than Human Anthropocene
The Dust of Civilization